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Free alternatives available to depositing cash or cheques in our office

Did you know there is a free, quick and convenient alternative to paying cash and cheques into your savings account in our office? 

If you hold a UK current bank account or building society account, you can make a same day faster-payment by bank transfer or set up a standing order using the details below:

Account number: 20140076

Sort code: 60-83-01

Reference: Member number

If you do online banking with your high street bank, you will have access to these services already or if you need advice on bank transfers please contact your local bank branch.

These deposits can be made at any time, 7 days a week and can save the hassle of visiting our office during opening hours.

There are no minimum deposit values and the maximum any member can hold in savings is £29,654 currently.

You can view your credit union savings balances online through our website, request a statement by email or text BALS to 60066 using your registered mobile phone.



Update to privacy notice

We have a new privacy policy, you can find details of all our policies on our regulations page.


Start your savings habit

Spring is here, minus the snow and freezing winds! It’s the perfect time to start saving, not only is the weather getting brighter (eventually) putting everyone into a spring mood with thoughts of holidays and new house projects, the new ISA year is coming.

Before you start looking into saving, make sure you’ve paid your high interest debts off first, if you need help consolidating, we have a blog on consolidating your debts which may help.



Still want to start saving, but have outstanding debts to pay? Money Advice service have a great article on helping you decide what’s best for you and your finances when it comes to saving and paying off debts.

Starting small

The best way to get into the savings habit is to start small, you don’t need to look at saving hundreds of pounds, when I first started looking at my own personal budget, the idea of saving more than £50 was quite frightening, but the thing to remember is it all adds up! Still not sure how much you can afford to save? Try this handy budget planner.

Making your money work for you

So you’ve started saving, even if its £1 a day, a week, a month (try the 52 week savings challenge which starts by saving just £1 a day!) , whatever you can afford, keeping that money in your purse, wallet or bank account won't make that money work for you, plus it's easy to dip into here and there. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to keeping your savings safe, we offer a number of savings accounts, including a cash ISA which gives you the option of saving upto £20,000 a year completely tax-free. 

Don't forget to shop around for the best deal, you can also compare savings accounts, current accounts, bonds and much more using tools such as Money Saving Expert's website.

Creating a savings cushion

Alongside saving for that dream wedding or family holiday, it's always worth creating a savings cushion for emergencies. It’s helpful to set aside three months worth of essential outgoings, so if you spend £1,000 a month on bills like your rent or mortgage, council tax, utility bills, food and so on, you will need to save up £3,000.

Keeping the habit going

The number one way to keep up your savings habit, is to make it as convenient as possible, always paid on the last day of the month? Set up a standing order to your savings account on that day so you don't forget. If you work for one of our payroll deduction employers, you can even save directly from your payroll each month.


Consolidation of debts

You have finally finished eating those turkey leftovers and the Christmas decorations are back in the attic, but the cost consequences of Christmas may suddenly be dawning on you.

An estimated 7.9 million people are expecting to fall behind with their finances this month as a result of Christmas spending according to National Debt line.

No-one wants to get into debt and they could be rising for a number of reasons, you may have had a horrible change in circumstances such as divorce, illness or losing your job (read this redundancy guide for hints and tips if you have lost your job).

The first thing to do if you have debt problems is make a budget so you can get a handle on what you spend and help to future-proof your finances going forward, our handy guide to managing your money may help.

One option for many people is consolidating your debts into one easily manageable cheaper payment. Standard personal loans can give you a consistent cheap debt and often rates are competitive with even the cheapest credit cards. Unfortunately those with poor credit scores won’t usually get the best rates which is why Money Advice Service recommends joining a credit union like ourselves.

As a credit union we offer loans of £250 - £10,000 to cover a wide range of individual’s needs and affordability requirements.

Loans can be paid directly to the companies you owe which cuts out the hassle for you in trying to consolidate them yourself, there are also no hidden fees, charges or penalties for early repayments.

We also offer ways to save whilst paying your loan back in order to get you back on track.


Managing your money - getting started

How to manage your money -  Getting started

Now you make think we’re crazy telling you to start thinking about your finances at Christmas where everyone is feeling the squeeze, but in fact this is one of the reasons why this time of year is a good time to start in time for next Christmas.

First steps in setting your own personal budget:

  • First of all, grab as much information as you can about your household income and expenditure including payslips, bank and credit card statements, household bills, loans, mortgage payments etc. the more information you can get the better

  • Use this information to work out how much you spend on everything such as bills, birthdays, food, insurance etc. there’s a lot of ways you can record this, but why not try Money Advice Service’s free budget planner to help you with this part

  • Start with the easy cuts – upon looking at your expenditure, you may find you’re spending too much on that Costa coffee every morning, or maybe a gym membership you’ve only used once in the entire year? Reports say that brits waste 558m a year on unused memberships, try going for a run instead or bringing your coffee in a flask every morning to save on such expenses

  • Ensure your essential expenditure such as household bills and your rent / mortgage payments get paid before you start looking at the rest of your expenditure. An easy way to help manage your money, is with the free budgeting tool available on the Engage account to help you put money aside for your bills

Once complete, you will have a much better understanding of what you actually spend, every time I do this exercise, I’m always spending more than I thought, so it’s definitely a worthwhile exercise to come back to periodically, however scary it can be!

When everything gets hectic in the lead up to Christmas, wouldn’t it be great to be able to spend more time with family and friends, relaxing together and making lots of Christmas memories?

That’s why we offer Christmas loans from 1 October until 20 December to help with the cost of Christmas and give you more time to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Also, make sure you stay tuned for our '2 weeks to Christmas plan', as well as 'how to manage your money - making cuts' coming soon.


New current account launched

Our new Engage Current account and VISA debit card is now available to all members, the new account is the first to offer a direct debit facility for an easy way to pay bills and rent payments.

By using the card at participating retailers, you can earn cashback rewards of up to 15% on your shopping.

You can check your balances and recent transactions by using the free mobile app, as well as online with your own e-account.

The Engage e-account also comes with a free money management tool which allows you to place money aside for bills and rent payments to prevent accidentally overspending.

You can order your new card by visiting Castle & Crystal or applying online.


Reminder: Banking deadlines

A reminder to members that the banking deadline for receipt of same-day share withdrawal requests is 2:45pm. Any requested funds should reach your account within 24 working hours.

Anything received after 2:45pm will be processed the following working day. Please note all share withdrawals are subject to AVAILABLE funds.

If you are sending funds to a building society, making a bill payment or paying someone else please include the required reference number or roll number in order to ensure the funds reach the account.


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